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Twelve Times Tables Test

Try the following twelve times tables quiz:

What About the 12 Times Table?

Sounds tough, but once you have mastered the 10× table, it is just a few steps away.

Firstly, 11× is mostly easy: from 11×2 to 11×9 you just put the two digits together. 11×2=22, 11×3=33, ..., 11×9=99.  
And of course 2×, 5× and 10× just follow their simple rules you know already, so it just leaves these to remember:
  • 3×12=36,
  • 4×12=48,
  • 6×12=72,
  • 7×12=84,
  • 8×12=96,
  • 9×12=108
And the "Big 3":
  • 11×11=121,
  • 11×12=132 and
  • 12×12=144

Multiplication Song

Math Trainer - Multiplication

Get in some serious multiplication table training. Responds to your answers ... so it will train your weaknesses. Use 3 sessions of 5 minutes each per day for best results.
Train yourself to REMEMBER, don't calculate.

Features of the Math Trainer

Breaks the 10× table into 4 "chunks" (5×, 6×6 to 9×9, etc) so that you can concentrate on getting good one chunk at a time.
Designed for high speed so that you get lots of practice
Remembers your performance (during the session, but not between sessions) so that it gives you more practice on your weaknesses.
Shows you the correct answer if you get it wrong
Timed Workout style just like an athlete would use


If you just want to practice at your own pace, choose "0" minutes, and press "Stop" when you are done.

Two Digit By One Digit

Tips 1 : Order Does Not Matter

When you multiply two numbers, it does not matter which is first or second, the answer is always the same.

Example: 3×5=15, and 5×3=15

Another Example: 2×9=18, and 9×2=18

In fact, it is like half of the table is a mirror image of the other!
So, don't memorise both "3×5" and "5×3", just memorise that "a 3 and a 5 make 15" when multiplied.
This is very important! It nearly cuts the whole job in half.

In your mind you should think of
3 and 5 "together" making 15.
so you should be thinking something like this: